32 completed out of 143 entries so far!

Artist Album Title Completed?
Bobby Phillipps Starscraper
Kyle Richards TBD
Absurd! Stinkbomb
Steve Brand TBD
Norway House Songs for Sofia Success!! (31:05)
A.V. Marchese Sleepless Nights & Christmas Lights Success!!
illuwe TBD
Jonathan Westfall TBD
Wendi Dunlap TBD
Carey Farrell 1 2 3 All Eyes On Me Success!!
Celestial ...Into Oblivion
Sara Depp TBD
Tim King Eiffel: A Rock Opera Success!! (27:25 doh!)
The Grimgribbers The Grimgribbers
Frances Smith Saint Unknown Success!! (32 mins)
Odilon Green A Befuddlement of Pansophic Children
rustingwillpower rustingwillpower is a f*cking loser Success!! (30:13)
TA Walker Catherine Wheel Success!! (29:56)
Vom Vorton Luftfrisker Success!! (30:57)
Andy Getch After the Society Success!! (42:42)
Hello Whirled Month Of 11
Monty Gonzo The Gonzo Show
Tobbe Icecreaming and other stories
Valerie Cox The Christmas Spirit
Keith Klingensmith TBD
Lil Pacha TBD
Bobby Brogan Black Tea and Brandy
Brian Coe TBD
Reccierec TBD
Paul Baarn Because I Can Success!! (41:03)
Overneath The Skybridge TBD
Sineami TBD
Mutierend TBD
Soap *Bad Name Here
Kinamod One Step Before
Chris Hayes Composite Character
Zach Rose Noise Love and Self-Loathing
Jeff Daugherty A World of Tunes
WARRIER "Lustier" Success!! (29:13)
generica TBD
Vireo Drawing Our Map Success!! (36:23)
Elemental Phantastix non audientibus 04 (A Failure of Oneiromancy) Success!! (49:00)
Bridge Control Necessary Maintenance
Hailey Simone Redemption
Mark Silver Libre Noviembre
Jenn Smith Pantsless in Portland
Randy Johnson When I was 24
The_Mourning Sun Day in a Life
Arkka TBD
QuarterSooner TBD
The Red Hawk Project Goodness Never Fearful Success!! (37:05)
Dirty Melissa Political Science Success!! (30 minutes 16 seconds)
Will Rzad TBD
Zodiac Gallery Constant Success!! (25:59)
Recycling Lost Cities TBD
Herd of Sherlock (Chez Stadium) Don't Blink Twice Success!! (32:00+)
Esperik Glare Peculiar Astrosophy Success!!
araz TBD
Woozy Blue TBD
Codde TBD
Mike Skliar 2 albums-'Love trumps hate' and 'Chill on Chill" Success!! (30 min)
Tasha Parker Gibbs Episodes Success!! (29:30)
Eightrix TBD
Akia DaGreat Novkia Success!! (23:04)
rabidwh0re dirty birdy bilge rat
John Pinck Charging forward without a plan
Nangs TBD
The Dead Ambassadors 11 November 2016 Success!! (34:59)
Ladder Legs TBD
Kuramae Station TBD
goldenboy TBD
Wyatt Walker Broken Man
Helene White
benton lethal aqua land
Dylan Coakley TBD
Gracious Me Bird Lullaby Blues Success!! (31 min)
Cody Contact
Romance To Ruins TBD
175 TBD
Jonah And The Oh Whales TBD
Metro Skies TBD
Aqua Eyes Aqua Eyes
craftpaperbearcave TBD
Pat Smith TBD
Elesimo November
PRA Studios Embrace The Darkness
jxr up Success!!
Youthful Indiscretion Headcrash
Artemis Seven With Only the Stars Success!! (62:00)
Robert James TBD
Adam Lee Foster TBD
Helen Robertson Christmas! Present and Correct
Kasondra Rose TBD
Tony Levi TBD
Zombie Flesh Eaters I Was A Teenage Trap Lord Success!!
Highway Tragedy Response Pontefract House/The Most Violent Haunting in Europe
Kelly Taylor TBD
Sloan Stewart TBD
Carrie Lydon TBD
Chris Harper Living on Hugo Time
deanmass Thinky Brain, Achey Heart
Michael Karns The Cake is Baked
Ernold TBD
Christian Lipski Mister Big Deal Success!! (33:31)
Steve Wilkinson TBD
Skittycat TBD
Hokkaido TBD
Schuyler Jackson This side of the sod
Juan Fabrega TBD
The Banalities That Kill Us The Void of Visceral Vanities
Johnny Vandoor Escaping the Fire
VexFiles TBD
Caleb Creed A Little Light Extinguished
Spooner and the Isms Dear Dairy
Zak Rahman TBD
Elizabeth Gray Late Bloomer
Shelly Phelps Singing the Bones
Goh Lee Kwang The Times They Are A Changin Success!! (40 minute!)
Fairing Slap the Itch Success!! (34:32 methinks)
Loss and Love Songs TBD
Rachel Brashear TBD
Pharodae Runaways Success!! (31:30)
Justin Wiley TBD
Marc Lansley Niemandslanddisko
Bryk, Dan Nasoalmo, Baby!
Kasey Lee Like Summer Tempests and Celestial Teapots
Bill Cammack Ascendance
Kielen King TBD
Austin J. Hall On The Evening Of
Danny Taki TBD
ceiling fan we almost made it Success!! (35.05)
Your New Aesthetic Honorable Mentions
Compact Forest TBD
A. Mann Incomplete
Malika Street TBD
Ravi TBD
Bedford Level Experiment Nerd So Low Success!! (32:21)
Ralph Carl TBD
The Blue Green Band Master Volume
Muhroom Sword TBD