Welcome to (Inter)National Solo Album Month (NaSoAlMo)! NaSoAlMo is a free annual creative challenge, wherein musicians are challenged to write, record, and release an entire album within the month of November. NaSoAlMo favors enthusiasm, creativity, and perseverance, rather than perfectionism. It encourages musicians and would-be songwriters to silence their inner critic for thirty days in order to inspire and maximize productivity. The albums are likely to be hastily written, off-time, and out of tune, and that’s okay! The main objective is to just do it.

Signups start on October 1, and you can start creating on November 1 thru November 30. What’re you waiting for!

Be sure to check out the Facebook group, and the Subreddit. If you have questions, hit up the FAQ and About pages. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to the writing, recording, or releasing of your album, check out the Resources page.

If you have any questions, concerns, issues, or just want to say hi, email admin(at)nasoalmo(dot)org.

~ Bobby (Benevolent Admin)

2017 Roster (So Far)

38 completed out of 132 entries so far!

Artist Album Title Completed?
Randall Payton/Chez Stadium TBD
Sara Depp ...is Lamont LaMort
kak23 TBD
We Are Rocket (A.V. Marchese) We Are Rocket
Dirty Melissa The Garden Success!! (34 minutes or so...)
Elesimo Red Queen's
Fail Faster Therapy You Look Different
Akia DaGreat Late 2 The Party Success!! (29:12)
Kyle Richards Count Me In
TA Walker 45 Success!! (29:27)
Celestial TBD
Frances Smith Last Days Of November Success!! (30:57)
Bobby Phillipps TBD
rustingwillpower Last Ditch Effort Success!! (30:53)
Absurd! This Isn't What It Looks Like
Odilon Green TBD
Mt. Mélodie Bric-a-brac
Calamity Range (Explanation) Success!! (34:31)
Tobbe Tobbe or not to be
Vom Vorton Hundreds of Zeroes Success!! (30:15)
Andy Getch Aftermath Success!! (74:00)
Rob From Amersfoort Evasive Manoeuvers
Soap TBD
Hank James The Problem Plays
PRA Studios TBD
Ciaran Campbell The Sky in November Success!! (39:09)
Keidra Chaney TBD
Jack Thomas TBD
Ian Sequeira TBD
Jay Wile Gradient
Overneath The Skybridge TBD
DJ Falstaff Better Never Late
The Red Hawk Project Ostinato Americana
Axolotl Daydream The Upper Thumb Success!!
9.7302·10⁴ /ironside|
Adreqi The Line Success!! (32:01)
Wendi Dunlap TBD
Vaiaphraim Underground Society Success!! (31:39)
Chris Harper Cloth arms, plastic hands
Frajic TBD
romjay TBD
Stewart Haddock November Success!! (32 minutes.)
The Modern Ache Slack Street Blues
Jason Vincion Harbingers Rising Success!! (40:22)
Alizarin Protozoa/Phobophobia Success!! (30:10/30:07)
zombie flesh eaters PSYCHOSIS
Bobby Brogan Trouble Maker
Hailey Simone TBD
emrldtrace Call Forward
Hakim Sheriff TBD
S.H.E. Suburban Heroin Electronics OmiaosaN 2017
fdk TBD
Cathedral Caves TBD
Death and Color TBD
Josh Spoon Get Over Yourself
Joshua Wentz Alternate Places Success!! (33:04)
Zach Rose Sweet Debauchery
Hélène Beaulieu TBD
select * from my.heart Not Worth Releasing Success!! (32:31)
misiu TBD
sixth enigma ghost step
Medievil Twin Passenger
Hyperobjeckt Hyperobjeckt
whisperjet peninsula Success!! (29:19)
karmatwin TBD
T.Rex Jets Ragged Arithmetic Success!! (36:01)
Zazie Ayesha McKenzie TBD
James Yasha Cunningham TBD
The Great Ratsby TBD
Masamune TBD
Jim Scar TBD
Golden Retriever Labs Success!!
Grace Romstad TBD
Zero Perimeter TBD
Mister S.Ä.R Procrastinator
apisol TBD
tsüiwi TBD
ellestad TBD
Cairo Braga TBD
A Friend Called Five TBD
Karis Rowley Textures Vol. II Success!! (32 minutes)
Zodiac Gallery TBD
Rollasoc TBD
The Angel in Me Reflection
Josh Goodman It's Raining (I'm Alright) Success!! (About 33 minutes)
D. Capps Spite House
Kinamod Not My Horizon
Emmy Bean Never Get It Right
Paul J. Vigeant Jr. TBD
Jenn Smith TBD
Teenagebeard Shape/Shift Success!! (33:41)
Ambire Seiche Songs from The Other Side Success!! (36:53)
Elk Bird Exclusion Zone Success!! (35:46)
Felony College of the Streets Harvested Handouts Success!! (18:47)
monochrome gorilla TBD
Matthew Price Undercover Pirate
Bedford Level Experiment TBD
Carrie Faye War Torn Child
Jessica in The Rainbow Make-Believe a.k.a. 365 Days vol. 4 Success!! (79:36)
Insane Ian But Seriously, Folks
Kielen King Nathan Dunbar's 'Nightlife' Success!! (29:40)
Dawn Xiana Moon TBD
Benjamin Mauch TBD
Jude "Goatman" Iscariot TBD
Total Energy 7 Big Ones
Ciera LeAnne Cox Key of Ciera
ceiling fan way mean Success!! (32:31 mins.)
yam lynn trains are so fast now
couleurves Au jardin Success!!
LIVR Ideas That Sleep Furiously
Noisedive Mantra Success!!
Jack. T TBD
Bag of Dragonite TBD
The Electric Whiskey Hour TBD
The Nonstarters The Last Meal I Never Ate
metalfoot Tales from Backstage Success!! (35:51)
Kranic vs Tekbet Not There Yet Success!!
Car Crash Cinema How to Break the Silence
Caleb Creed This Little Light, Extinguished
TSO The 64th Square (EP)
Alessandro Bonino TBD
angoraluvu ...is also Lamont LaMort
Tommy P. TBD
Allo Boops Les Boops
Ork Haugr The Heat of Reentry Success!! (35:07)
Austin J. Hall Outside Guitar Success!! (About 50 minutes)
The Skylark Project (a/k/a Mike Skliar) November Dreams Success!! (31:42)
Mushroom Sword Ramblings of a Madman Success!!
fluffy Novembeat 2017 Success!! (38:38)